WATCH: Ambulance stuck in traffic after motorists refused to give way in Cagayan de Oro

Netizens lamented their frustrations after a video goes viral on how motorists behavior knowing there’s an ambulance carrying a patient.

The incident happened last October 19, 2018 in CM Recto Avenue, Cagayan de Oro City, where a video showed an ambulance was stuck in traffic.

While cars are moving aside so that the ambulance may pass through, some motorists are acting that they did not care.

Instead of making a way amid the traffic, some motorists are overtaking the ambulance.

The one who uploaded the video, Elynne Acor, expressed her sentiments. She slammed motorists and called them ‘insensitive’ and questioned their manners.

It is important to know as a driver to always give the Right-Of-Way to emergency vehicles such as ambulance, fire trucks, and police cars, when they are sounding a siren or flashing a red light during situations.

But in the viral video, it goes the other way around,as if motorists doesn’t respect and care about the emergency situation.

Acor said that the patient had a vehicular accident with mild hemorrhage and fractured leg and the ambulance was already stuck in traffic for five minutes.

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“Look how insensitive the motorists are. Cars were giving way the space but the motorists took the space. Theres a patient who’ve just had an vehicular accident with mild hemorrhage on her face and fractured leg happened near in Polymedic. shes even crying and her significant other was calming her down. Wheres the discipline and sensitivity? The ambulance was beside us for 5mins now. My ears strained”

More than the respect of traffic rules, netizens cited that some people are lack of sense of humanity and courtesy.

Honestly, there are some drivers who disregard simple rules even in slowing down if there’s a pedestrian lane.

What’s more alarming in such kind of incident is not the traffic, but the growing concern is the attitude which seem to disregard the welfare of other people.

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