VIRAL: Cute dog in Cebu rides jeepney to follow his owner

A video of a dog riding jeepney and looking for his owner was circulating online on Friday.

The video was already shared more than 24 thousand and got almost million views as of posting.

Netizen Nova Tapuyao said that it was her sister who captured it when she was on her way home on Friday morning. 

She wrote a caption saying, “My sister on her way home found this cutie riding a jeepney looking anxious and then this happens.”

As scene on the video, the passengers were seen confused and amused at the same time. They were wondering at first the reasons on why the cute and well-behaved dog ride the jeepney.

The dog kept looking at the window as if looking for someone.

When the jeepney stopped at the Guadalupe-Banawa intersection, passengers of the other vehicle were surprised to see their dog.

The owner immediately approached her dog. She called the dog’s name as “Vince”.

She said, “Ali diri, naboang, dali (Halika rito, kaloka, bilis).”

The meeting of the dog and his owner brought joy and positive reactions from the netizens.

They praised the dog for being loyal and loving to his owner that it makes a way to follow his owner.