Netizens imppress after man rides motorbike across water

Is it way too cool seeing a man riding his motorcycle in the middle of the river?

Flooding the streets of Barangay Landayan, San Pedro, Laguna for celebrating their fiesta last September, what caught more the attention of the residents during the ‘parada’ of Saint was a man improvising his boat going across the river.

A video clip shared by Vivian Belandres circulated online after a man seen improvising his boat, making it a ‘bangkang de motor’. Literally.

People stop and stared to the man as he brought more joy to the face of the people.

Motorbike in the river is unique and quite impressive as he used his resources to joined the ‘parada’.

The man used bamboo as a baseline for its to float and convert a regular motorcycle into a boat.

It may sound crazy, but one thing is for sure, it brought smile to everyone’s faces.

As of now, the video generated more than 5 thousand of shares and more than 300 thousand of views.